About the "Culver's "

We; John and Evelyn, are the proud owners of this website, which was created by our daughter Sharon. We were also the proud owners of the black and red (or US Marine Corps colored) GMC pictured on our Front Page.

John retired as Mustang Captain after 25 years in the US Marine Corps, this explains the color scheme on the outside of our GMC, but the inside is pretty much taken over by the Marine Corps also.

Evelyn came to this country in 1957 from Berlin, Germany, but she has been a proud American since 1959.

Between the two of us we have six sons and one daughter. All of our seven children are married and have started their own family and given us 8 grand children. One of our sons lives in Oregon, and the other families live right here in Scottsdale and vicinity, and one son lives in Florida.

Our daughter and her family were also owners of two GMC and members of our club; the GMC Saguaro Jetset. Now they own a 34' Winabago Elandin. We also have a 34' 5th-wheeler in our family. All of us enjoy RV-ing and have made Thanksgiving Dinner in an RV Park a Family Tradition. Most recently our Family outings have been in Mexico.

John has always wanted a GMC, and they are beautiful. In May 1993 we bought a 1973 26' Painted Desert As soon as we had it at home, we made plans to bring this GMC into the here and now. Our neighbors, really nice people, asked us, "are you keeping the "banana" on your property?" You bet we are; however, we did have it painted.

The outside looked good, but the inside needed a lot of help. So we started out by gutting it. This is always a sure way, to get it all done. We had the seats and cushions reupholstered with materials to match our 9x12 jade colored oriental carpet (finally found a use for this one). The interior was painted and the side panels were created new with vinyl wall covering over masonite. Cables and wires were laid to accommodate any eventualities from top to bottom and front to rear. The windows received blinds with the Geneva Dye casings. The little fold-in table between the two chairs was replaced with a new designed table to have a 10 decanter bar fascia, which was built by RV Interiors in Chandler, AZ. The cabinets were in good shape. Soap and water, paint, a little glue and a screw her and there made them look like new again. The end-caps of course had to be recovered with just plain old vinyl from an auto upholstery shop.

The galley was re-glued and a new countertop was ordered to match our wall papered side panels. The oven went and a microwave was found to fit perfectly in its place. A new 4-burner stove top was purchased and John converted 2 gas burners into 2 electric burners. Just another fabulous idea. The refrigerator wood panel was replaced with black Plexiglas to match the casings on the windows.

Since our oriental carpet did not fit for the full coach, we installed vinyl floor covering in front of the galley and refrigerator to the door. This matched our counter top and side panels. New lights, new faucets, new everything that could be replaced while we were putting the coach back together again.

The end of August was near. Was the heat unbearable? Well, not really, we were so busy, and so excited, and had so much fun creating this and that, designing, building, having built, searching for and finding the impossible, that our 16 - 20 hour days and 110+ degrees were never even noticed. The final touches were being done. The "special" (unbreakable) dishes, silverware, utensils, towels, bedding, and other "Camping World Goodies" were bought. All the Marine Corps Paraphernalia that was usable, was put into the coach. (A throw rug, pictures, clock, coasters, glasses, pads, etc) and the "Eagle, Globe & Anchor" on the wheel cover.

September 3rd, 1993 we took our Maiden Voyage to the East Coast of the US. In Springfield, MO., John presented his "USMC Recruiting Depot on wheels" to his fellow Marines and graciously accepted all the accolades. We were really proud of our accomplishment.

From Goshen to Niagara Falls and on to NY City, Washington DC, Quantico USMC Base, and on down the Shenandoah Valley and back home again. A six hour drive in the rain in Illinois and Michigan provided us with the necessary information of how many leeks we had and where they were (Not something we needed to know at that particular time).

Since than we have made many trips with our club, with our family. In 1994 we took a 4534 mile trip through the Rockies to Calgary and Banff, Canada, and in 1997 we went 6500 miles to Fort Monroe, VA and down the East Coast on US 17 to Florida and back home along the Emerald Coast of the Golf and across the Bayou. In 2000 we took one of our grandsons to Oregon, via California, with visits to the Hearst Castle and San Francisco. In 2001 we took another grandson on a trip to 9 States and 2 Provinces. Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Alberta, British Columbia, Idaho, Washington, Oregon. We enjoyed San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, and  most National Parks, like Sequoia, Yosemite, Kings Canyon, Yellowstone, and Glacier National Park in our Mustang Convertible,  rode the Gondola to the top of Sulphur Mountain in Banff, and took the 'Special' bus out onto the  Athabasca Glacier at the Columbia Icefields.

We couldn't think of a nicer way to see this beautiful country. God Bless America.

Our GMC (our cup cake) is now in very good hands in Calgary, Canada. We spend much more time on the road and travel in a 34' Southwind Eagle, painted identical to the GMC.We have made so many wonderful friends in the GMC Motorhome World and we are still very much involved with our GMC friends.

Happy GMCing. . . .

John and Evelyn

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