This is an On-Line reproduction of the original
1973 GMC Motorhome Sales Brochure
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This brochure includes specifications, floorplans, and some original prices.
Wherever possible, photographs are linked to full-sized views.
Finally, a Motorhome that doesn't look like a box or ride like a truck.
The GMC Motorhome
Contents by page number:
  1. To make something very new, you have to start at the beginning...(new design).
  2. The GMC Motorhome Suspension.
  3. Buses don't get traded in every couple of years...(durability).
  4. Half of every trip is getting there...(comfortable ride).
  5. The livingroom in our Motorhome is as advanced as what's under it...(interior design).
  6. If our interiors look like they came out of a magazine, it's because they did...(interior design).
  7. A Motorhome should be able to take a heap of living without showing it...(long-life).
  8. The GMC 26-foot Motorhome...(description).
  9. The GMC 23-foot Motorhome...(description).
  10. Everything you need to see what's on the other side of the mountain.
  11. The 26-foot Motorhome...(11 floor plans).
  12. The 23-foot Motorhome...(4 floor plans).
  13. All this is available on the GMC Motorhome...(options).
  14. GMC Motorhome Standard Specifications.
  15. GMC Motorhome Standard Specifications (cont.).
  16. Exterior Paint Colors.
  17. GMC Motorhome original warranty.