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To make something very new,
you have to start at the beginning. . .

We did. . .

We wanted to build an ideal Motorhome. So we went back to find out what would make it close to perfect. Not just features from other Motorhomes, but basic design points that would give us the kind of Motorhome that people wanted.
A low roofline was a must. And a low floor for easy entry and exit. Keeping everything low would also lower the center of gravity for easy handling. Yet, at the same time, we wanted plenty of headroom and the kind of ground clearance a real outdoor vehicle needs.
The biggest problem was the drive shaft and the rear axle; and that big bulge in the center of the axle. So we got rid of them.
We designed our Motorhome around a front-wheel drive unit. Thus, with all the machinery up front, a conventional rear axle and drive shaft is unnecessary. We designed simple support arms for the rear wheels and mounted them independently on the outside of an extra-wide chassis. That allowed plenty of interior width, a low floor, a 6-foot 4-inch ceiling, as well as the desired low roofline. Not to mention 8 inches of ground clearance.
And with that as a beginning, we knew our Motorhome was well on its way.

* * *