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The GMC Motorhome Suspension.

Why it doesn't ride like a truck . . . or handle like a barge.

Since we weren't just putting a house on a truck chassis, we could design a rear suspension that would be well suited to Motorhome use. In fact, we engineered a ride system that's nearly as much at home on a rutted country road as on an Interstate Highway. You won't find anything like it on any other Motorhome.
There are four rear wheels, in tandem, not dual; suspended on air, not steel springs. The combination produces more than just a smooth ride. It gives the GMC Motorhome a wide stance for increased stability; as well as keeping the rear wheels from protruding into the passenger space. Also, four wheels let us put in four large, finned drum brakes for added braking ability. And even the parking brake is applied to all four rear wheels.
The air springs are located between each pair of rear wheels so that road shock at one wheel is passed on to the other wheel. . .not to you.
The front suspension is torsion bar sprung, with stabilizer bars. And there is an automatic leveling valve that keeps the rear suspension at the desired height.

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