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Buses don't get traded in every couple of years. . .

Neither should Motorhomes. . .

When you build a bus that has to cover millions of tough, over-the-highway miles, or make hundreds of thousands of stops and starts on crowded city streets, you have to do one thing: You have to build it tough.
And the big buses with the GMC nameplate on them have, for nearly 50 years, earned their reputation for strength and durability that lasts. Year after Year.
We used a lot of what we learned from building buses when we started designing the GMC Motorhome.
Like you, we think a Motorhome should be a lasting place. So, on top of the wide steel chassis, we put a complete cage of heavy-gage aluminum ribs and stringers; like an aircraft fuselage.
Then, on top of this tough substructure, we bond skin panels with the same techniques used on jumbo jets. The lower skin panels, as well as the nose and rear sections, are molded fiberglass for an extremely fine surface finish as well as resistance to corrosion. The roof and upper side panels are mirror-smooth aluminum. Tough and light.

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