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Half of every trip is getting there.

The GMC Motorhome handles that with ease.

When you sit in the command seat of your GMC Motorhome, you are truly a "King of the Road". You're riding on your own, private magic carpet.
The inside quiet will make you think of a fine passenger car. The entire body is rubber-insulated from the chassis, and there's a specially treated, one-inch thick, exterior grade plywood floor to further block road noise.
Up front, the view is really something to behold. 23 sq.ft. of windshield safety glass for panoramic front and side vision. And big, bus-sized windshield wipers have the washers built right into them so the fluid hits right in front of the blade.
And the standard power steering and power brakes give you a road feel and handling close to a luxury car.
The GMC Motorhome weighs 2,000 to 3,000 pounds less than most comparably sized Motorhomes. That, plus the standard 455-cu.in. V8 engine, means you can accelerate to freeway speeds quickly; or, take on mountain grades comfortably.

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Just because you may be going to a wilderness doesn't mean you should have to rough it.