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The Living Room in our Motorhome is as advanced as what's under it.

The GMC's ground-to-floor height is only 15 inches so you can step aboard easily. And once aboard, 6"4" of headroom gives plenty of maneuvering room.
Every counter top has rounded corners and the overhead cabinets are flush-sided. All knobs are eliminated. Even the hinges are concealed. And all work areas have "toe-space" so you can get close.
The same comfort engineering was used in the galley. There's a double sink, standard. And the standard 6 cu.ft. refrigerator is electric so you don't have to worry about the pilot blowing out. But there is an available gas/electric unit, if you prefer.
The range and oven are LPG, as is the thermostat-controlled furnace. The one-piece molded fiberglass bath module includes a flex-hose shower head as well as a mirrored, sliding door medicine cabinet, stainless steel sink and Aquamatic toilet.

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When we built the Motorhome, we wanted to make sure the family would feel as at home in it as they do at home. After all, a house is meant for a family, right?