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The GMC 26-foot Motorhome is just what a custom-built home should be...

A reflection of YOU.

When we say custom-built, we mean it. Not just one standard floor plan, but a variety of units you can tailor to fit your family or personal needs.
Just as important, you can select any floor plan without worrying about what it might do to the ride or the handling. We took a tip from aircraft designers and fed all the data on weights and locations into computers. Then we knew what combinations would keep weight and balance within design limits.
In the 26-foot model, for example, you can choose from 11 different combinations that pass the computer test!
The standard interior features a dinette on the right with facing seats and table that converts to a double bed.
On the other side of the room is a side sofa that turns into two bunks. If you so specify, you can have an auxiliary dinette that converts to a single bed; or a pair of swivel chairs, matching the cockpit, with fold-up coffee table.
In the rear living area is a double bed. In its place, you can order a gaucho couch/double bed; or a table and side-facing settee/double bed.
But whichever combination you select, underneath is one of the Motorhomes most welcome features: Insulation.
Before the interior is ever installed, we spray the entire inner body shell with foam-in-place polyurethane insulation, at least 3/4 of an inch thick. This rigid foam has twice the insulating ability of fiberglass; which means: The GMC Motorhome has more efficient insulation than most homes, on or off wheels.
And in addition to insulating from heat or cold, the foam does a very good job of helping seal out road noise, too.
We know you want the Motorhome to be as comfortable as any home you own.