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The GMC 23-foot Motorhome
has just about everything our 26' has, with something else.

A lower Price.

The 23' GMC Motorhome has the same galley equipment, the same stove and refrigerator, the same bath, the same cupboard and closet space . . . they're just moved around a little bit.
The rear bedroom is identical to the 26' GMC Motorhome; the major difference is in the front living area. Instead of a dinette and a couch, you can choose the available dinette or couch. Just like the larger GMC Motorhome, the couch converts to two bunk beds, the dinette turns into a double bed.
In the rear, you have the same standard double bed as the 26-footer; and the same available options of the goucho/double bed or table and side settee/double bed.
And the same standard privacy feature. The bath and closet doors both open to create two completely separate compartments.
Of course, the quality of the furniture is the same high level as the 26-foot Motorhome. You get the same luxurious, 5" thick, high density polyfoam cushions; the same quality everywhere. All you miss are three feet and a double bed.
In either case, however, you benefit from the extensive testing and development that went into perfecting the GMC Motorhome.
We started by running a prototype Motorhome on special torture roads. Then we set up computers to simulate that same abuse on a Motorhome running in our lab. This computerized testing let us pack the equivalent of several years of road tests into a seven-month program.
The vehicle shake test, for example, equaled the kind of pounding a Motorhome could take in 150,000 miles of actual road use.