Engine Quick Check

There is nothing worse than having to have your engine serviced on the road! You can't prepare for everything that can go wrong, but here are a few commonsense checks you can make before you leave town to ensure a safe trip. Most of these apply to any vehicles you may be towing as well. For a more complete GMC Checklist go to the Pre-Flight Checklist.

  1. Tires...Check the treads and the pressure. Don't forget to check your spare.
  2. Water...Fill up supply tank before you travel
  3. Oil... Check it and Change it if necessary.
  4. Gas...You're not getting far without it
  5. Fluids...Check all engine fluids: coolant, washer fluid, brake fluids, transmission fluid, and radiator water level.
  6. Battery...Check water level, cables and charge.
  7. Air Filter...Replace if necessary.
  8. Sewer...Dump it and secure it.
  9. Heater/AC...Check Freon levels and belts
  10. Turn off pilot lights.
  11. Visual Check...Do a once over of your engine. Look for loose or frayed cables, belts, missing or loose screws/bolts.
  12. Make sure you've packed and replenished your tools and spares before you go.
  13. If this is your first trip, nothing beats a check by a reliable mechanic.

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