Campgrounds Checklist

If you have never been to the grounds of a new campsite, here are a few things you can call ahead and ask. If you are planning a large Rally, you may want to print out this list and provide it to the campsite Manager to assist in preparing the grounds.

  1. What is the cost and availability
  2. Where is the check-in office located and what hours is it open
  3. Can you get maps of the grounds sent to you
  4. What hook-ups will be provided
    Water, Sewer and Electrical
  5. What facilities are available on the grounds
    Restroom, Showers, Community Areas, Bar-B-Que or Fireplace pits, laundry.
  6. Is it handicap accessible
  7. How far to the nearest hospital or emergency medical facilities
  8. How far is it to shopping and what transportation is available (if any)
  9. How accessible are the parking spots:
    a. Dirt road or paved (will the road need to be graded or filled)
    b. Overhanging trees or other obstacles
    c. Can you reserve the spots close together
    d. Are the spots close to the facilities
    e. Are they high traffic or secluded areas.
  10. What restrictions are imposed: Animals, Children, Alcohol, Noise, etc.
  11. Are there other activities in the area at that time which would interfere with the rally. For example a busy fair or road construction plans.
  12. What will the weather be like at that time of year
  13. What local activities/events or places of interest do they recommend