Hosting a Rally for Your Club or Association

Hosting a small get-together or a full-scale Rally takes planning. If this is your first time at the bat, you will probably have a lot of great ideas thrown at you from other experienced members of your Club. Here are a few tips from our own "Rally Masters".

Before You Go:

  1. The first thing you need to know is how many coaches will be attending. Then, depending on the climate and time of year, choose a campsite that will be able to accommodate and call ahead to reserve spaces. You can use the Regional Resource Guide to locate a campground and for ideas on activities and events in the area. Ask the grounds manager all the right questions with the handy Campground Checklist . If you want to make the trip really memorable, you can order GMC Motorhome promotional items your members can keep and display.
  2. Once the campsite reservations are made, you can plan the events/activities for your group. If you are planning an "evening on the town" for your group, be sure to contact the establishments and make reservations ahead of time. Find out how far it is from the campsite and whether transportation is available, if there is a dress code and what the prices are. Let your members know if there are special events or activities they can take part in which require their own equipment, like a nearby golf course. If your group is small, you may want to print copies of the Regional Resource Guide and hand them out before you go, if not, take a copy and post it near your coach.
  3. Most Rally's will include at least one pot-luck. To ensure a good variety, assign food groups. Drinks, potato/rice/pasta, vegetables, main course, desserts and appetizers. If your Rally falls around a holiday, suggest appropriate dishes. For some great travel recipes visit the GMC Motorhome Cookbook.
  4. Set-Up and Clean-Up. Unless your group has this habit already established, you'll find some people do a lot of the clean-up and some, well...don't. While each is obviously responsible for his/her own campsite, all group gatherings should have assigned set-up/clean-up crews. It is also a good idea to have an assistant help with these chores when you first arrive and before you leave the camp grounds.
  5. Before you go, get out the sign-up sheets for food, clean-up, and photographer. Plan meeting times before you leave so everyone is available and the time can be kept short.

When You Arrive

  1. If your Rally is expected to be very large, you should consider setting up a "concierge" to greet the coaches and guide them to their spots. If you have an itinerary of the events or copies of the park rules, you can hand them out as they arrive.
  2. Before the events begin, post a sign-up for car-pools. Make sure everyone is aware what time they are expected to meet to leave for the event.

At The Meeting

  1. One club has had great success in setting it's meetings on Saturday mornings to take advantage of a potluck breakfast. The meeting is set for the same time at every Rally, so no one misses it.
  2. Get your group photos while you can
  3. Discuss and get your sign-ups for the next Rally
  4. Go over Club business

Before You Leave

  1. The Club Master Box is handed off at the last breakfast to the next Rally Master.
  2. Clean up the campsites
  3. Thank your host
Club Master Box:
This is a simple cardboard box that can be handed off to the next Rally Master at the end of each Rally. The contents are replenished after each Rally and can be added to as needed. Suggested contents:
  • (2) Plastic Tablecloths
  • Napkins
  • Coffee
  • Cream/Sugar in Tupperware containers
  • Plastic spoons/forks/knives
  • Paper Plates
  • Plastic Baggies
  • Club Journal/Calendar
  • Disposable Camera