Free Stuff on the Net

  • Free E-Mail - You still need an internet provider and a computer with a modem to use this service, but your mail address won't change every time you change providers.
  • FaxStorm - Free internet powered FAXing software.
  • Fat Cat Cafe - A website full of Free stuff...get your free money here!
  • Free Forum - Your ultimate resource for free shopping of hundreds of exclusive offers, such as investments, insurance, gardening, music, home office supplies, free samples, subscriptions, computers, self-improvement, business opportunities, franchises, software, and more.
  • Microsoft NetMeeting - Free Internet Phone...Lets you communicate with both Audio and Video, exchange graphics on an electronic whiteboard, transfer files and use the text-based chat program. The cost to you is a local call even when you talk around the world.
  • Microsoft Free Software - Free downloads from one of the best software developers of today. Browsers, add-ons, images and tools to name a few.
  • Net X - Shopping and Free stuff

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