Planning Your Trip

Like most activities in life, the outcome of your trip depends heavily on the preparation you put into it. Having the right clothing, food, and safety equipment makes the difference. Here are a few tips to plan for your next trip.

Preparing Your Motorhome for a Trip

Packing for Kids or Pets
Kid/Pet toys & Games
Pillows & Special Blankets/Stuffed animals
"Picnic" blankets for outside relaxing
Coloring books/Reading books
When You Cross Borders
Your passport
What you need for customs
Do you need travel insurance
Are there any travel warnings in effect for that country
Have you had all your childhood immunizations
Are there additional health travel considerations for that country
Will you need to exchange your currency

Some Recommended Travel Books

  • RV Repair and Maintenance Manual (Bob Livingston)
  • Mountain Directory - lists the steepest grades in the western states
  • Rest Area Guide
  • Commonsense Outdoor Medicine