Regional Resource Guide

Are you headed on a trip soon? Here are some great links to information in that area including great places to visit, weather and road conditions and On-Line maps to chart your trip. Happy Camping!

Campground Guides & Information

  • C America - Personal website with links and reviews to campsites across North America.
  • Campgrounds.Net - Searchable website providing information for over 9,500 campgrounds in the United States.
  • Camping in the Canadian Rockies - Here you'll find a list of camp sites in the Canadian Rockies maintained by a camping duo. In addition, favorite sites have been added by users.
  • Favorite Parks - A text-based list of parks categorized by state and including descriptions of the facilities. A very good resource to find out what the parks are like from previous visitors.
  • Go Camping America - This is the site for all the RV parks and campgrounds in North America that are members of The National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds.
  • Going Paces Park Visitor Report - Planning to visit a national park? Here are some helpful tidbits from readers' past trips that might help make your experience more enjoyable.
  • Happy Campers - Hosts several 360 degree panoramic pictures taken from public highways around the region. Each is indicated on it's area map with an eyeball symbol
  • Lakeside Recreation in the Southeast - Camping, fishing, boating and hunting information for lakes in Georgia, Alabama & Mississippi.
  • LL Bean's Park Search - Browse by region, state, name, activity or service for the information you need to plan your outdoor activities. Fact-filled summaries and photos show you ahead of time what to see, what to do and when to go. Conveniently provides park addresses, phone numbers, picnic facilities, campgrounds, visitor centers, fees (if any), and more.
  • Military Campground Information - Available from the SMART Website
  • Modem-Friendly Campgrounds - A basic list and information for parks with access for computer modems. Particularly useful to those who intend to "work-on-the-road".
  • National Forest Service - This official website contains information including publications and directories for the lands maintained by the National Forest Service.
  • RV Campground On-Line - Stories and camping news from an AirStream RV owner.
  • Scenic Drives & Camping - GORP (Great Outdoor Recreation Pages) maintains an excellent website packed with information and stories about travel. The authors are interesting and the information is changed daily.
  • Trailor Life Camping Directory - Free through 1997 with registration. It's soon to be a published CD Rom and I would expect you'll hear from them if you register (this is a good thing).
  • US Department of State - Information for travel to Canada and Mexico.
  • Woodalls Camping Directory - RVers especially will find valuable information here. Besides being a premier website for campground information, the site offers information about the RV lifestyle and areas to exchange comments with other RV enthusiasts and ask questions of experts.
  • Kent's RV Navigator - A fully functional demonstration of the popular RVing information CD entitled, Kent's RV Navigator. This demo gives you all the camping resouces in the state of your choice.

Weather & Road Information

Destination Guides

  • Arthur Frommers outspoken Encyclopedia of Travel - A daily newsmagazine of budget-oriented travel, published seven days a week, on matters that affect your own next vacation trip--and nothing else.
  • Fodor's Personal Trip Planner - The Trip Planner will lead you through a series of checklists where you choose your destination and exactly what you want in the way of restaurants, activities, travel tips, and more. When you're done, it'll use your choices to build a guide that you can print out.
  • Go Explore - Get detailed information on nationwide destinations, including weather forecasts, restaurant listings, and information on more than 60,000 travel-related businesses. Search according to your interests.
  • Moon Travel Handbooks - Publishers of comprehensive travel guides to North America, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, Asia, and the Pacific Islands. Their recent release, Road Trip USA, is available on the internet as a map-based exhibit, featuring 11 cross-country routes along the "blue highways" between the intestates, arranged in a format that allows travelers to pick and choose their excursions.
  • Preview Vacations On-Line - A travel guide with information on trip planning, reservations and fares. Provides some guidance on regional sites and activities.

Regional Books, Media & Maps