Stories From the Road

There are so many people out on the road today and stories for every one of them. Here are a few of the best story tellers.

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  • Chuck Woodbury - Out West On-Line is a quarterly "on-the-road" newspaper founded in 1987 by roving reporter Chuck Woodbury, who spends much of each year roaming the old highways of the American West.
  • The Big Cross Country RV Adventure - The original plan was to visit every major city in the US. The plan was to go from Seattle - San Diego - Miami - Las Vegas - Boston - Seattle, crossing the US 4 times and 14,000 miles in over 2 months. That was the original plan...
  • An American Adventure - A story of four weeks in an RV traveling through Arizona, New Mexico and Texas during June and July 1994.
  • Finally Retired, Diary of Retired Life in a Motorhome - They sold their house. . . they sold their business. . . they sold their stuff. . . and they put everything that was left into a Motorhome and hit the road!
  • RoadTrip America - When they lost their home & business in a California wildfire in 1993, they hit the road in the Phoenix One, the one-of-a-kind, four-wheel-drive motor home that rose from the ashes.