Tools & Spares for the Trip

Unless you are a professional mechanic and plan to do extensive engine work, leave all of your heavy duty tools at home.

  • A good socket set which includes a 1/4" set for small nuts and a 3/8" set for larger sizes and two adjustable wrenches
  • Two sizes of flathead screwdrivers and two for recessed heads and a couple of torx-drivers for the screws. If you prefer a cordless screwdriver, you can find sets of all of these sizes and types in a single kit.
  • Two sizes of standard pliers, two of locking pliers and a pair of small needlenose pliers which also cut wire.
  • At least one hammer and a small ax, or an old fashioned hatchet, with a nail-puller notch, to do double duty. If you don't have the old fashioned kind, pick up a roofer's hatchet.
  • For tire trouble, replace the screw jack with a hydraulic jack of at least 3-ton capacity
    (preferably 6-ton) or a stout scissors jack. Pick up a heavy crossbar wrench that won't bend when you put your weight on it; wrap a piece of tape around the arm which fits the lugs on your rig so you can find it in the dark.
  • Take several flashlights; it's almost impossible to have too many lights.
  • A multi-size rivet tool and a good supply of rivets of each size - particularly the 1/8" and 3/16" sizes.
  • A couple of rolls of electrical tape for emergency repairs.
  • A 12 -volt tester for continuity checks and a line-voltage meter and a wiring analyzer to test trailer park connections.
  • Flares for roadside emergency and First Aid Kit.
  • Spare hoses/belts/fuses/fluids
  • Tire block